Giving Back

For Sally, one of the joys of working with children is that she has the privilege of making a profound, positive impact on not only that child, but their families as well. One day while working with a little boy, he asked me what my “job was”. I responded by saying that I got to “play” with little boys like him, to which he replied “well then, you never have to work a day in your life”. He was five years old. Not only do we get to “play” and help to change lives of the children and families who come to us directly, but we also have the opportunity to give to others as well.

We extend free workshops to schools and parent groups, offer discounts for families in need, and donate to foundations who benefit children and families. Some of the organizations we have helped to support by giving of our “time, treasure and/or talents” include:

World Craniofacial Foundation

Sally is a member of the Board of Directors of the World Craniofacial Foundation (WorldCF), a nonprofit organization founded by the esteemed Kenneth E. Salyer, M.D., internationally recognized pioneer and leader in craniofacial surgery, whose mission it is to provide life-transforming and life-saving medical treatments to children with extreme craniofacial deformities no matter where they live, or what ability they lack to pay so that even the very poor can receive excellent medical care.


Their mission is to eliminate family violence through intervention and proactive prevention, extensive community education, advocacy and assistance for victims and their families.

Toms Shoes

A company who donates one pair of shoes for every shoe bought. Sally’s practice, IPT Kids, celebrated with a “Toms ‘One for One’ shoe party” for Christmas this year.

Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (G.R.A.C.E )

Their mission is to build the capacity of community based organizations to implement self determined, high impact and sustainable initiatives for better health and development. One of their programs helps to address the developmental needs of orphans and vulnerable children and their households in the Eastern and Central provinces in Kenya.

Hope Park in Frisco

IPT took an active role in helping to support the building of grass roots “Hope Park”.