Sensory Integration Therapy

Sally, who is a pioneer in sensory integrative therapy, believes that every child is unique and has built her practice to provide a wide array of services that can be combined to fit a child’s needs.

Sensory Integration Therapy (SI) helps balance the body’s sensory input, enhancing a child’s developmental foundation, motor skills, coordination, cognitive ability, behavioral control and social skills. Children with sensory integration challenges may have problems with coordination, gross and fine motor skills, learning differences, social interactions, and over or underdeveloped sensitivities to movement, touch, sound, sight, taste, smell, etc.

A gap in the developmental process can push a child into the range of disability. Sensory Integration Therapy can help correct these challenges and promote normal developmental growth and progress. Under Sally’s guidance, her team of degreed and licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists with advanced certifications in Sensory Integration use clinically-proven, sensory motor focused techniques to enhance all aspects of a child’s development.

Physical Therapy

Sally has built a practice around Physical Therapy that helps children improve motor development, strength, and overall physical function, while enhancing learning skills, behavior, and quality of life.

She has developed specific physical therapy programs and techniques designed to improve a patient’s motor development, physical ability, coordination, gait, and self-confidence. Her staff of degreed and licensed Physical Therapists have advanced experience in pediatric sensory integration techniques, which offer accelerated therapeutic benefits.

Under Sally’s programs, every child receives a full evaluation, and if therapy is recommended, a customized treatment plan addresses physical limitations with a unique blend of traditional physical therapy methods and sensory integration techniques. Sally has developed a number of fun and motivating activities that are designed to engage patients and meet their individual treatment goals.

Occupational Therapy

Sally believes that every child is unique, and thus has developed programs to provide a wide array of services that can be combined for just the right fit for their needs. Occupational Therapy (OT) helps children increase independence at home and in school, improve academic performance, enjoy the activities of everyday life, and promotes healthy self-esteem.

Sally’s Occupational Therapy programs help patients improve physical function, fine motor skills, cognitive planning, self-care, social skills, emotional health, and integrate sensory information more efficiently. Sally directs a staff of degreed and licensed Occupational Therapists with advanced training in sensory integration pediatric practices. Play is a child’s work, and Sally’s team of Occupational Therapists use appropriate sensory integration techniques to engage patients in fun and motivating activities which address each child’s treatment goals.

Sally’s programs are designed to bring the best out of each child. As a result, their progress often takes on an accelerated life of its own. Children with mild to severe developmental differences due to known and unknown causes, and those with signs of a sensory integration challenge often show pronounced improvement with sensory-focused occupational therapy intervention.

CranioSacral Therapy

Sally is a leading practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) which is designed to help release restrictions in the tissues and structures of the body and central nervous system, allowing the body to self-correct sensory, motor, and neurological problems. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a non-invasive, hands-on therapeutic technique used to relieve pain, tension, and body dysfunction, while improving whole body health and performance. CST has been found to enhance sensory function, motor coordination, developmental progress, neuromuscular function, and improve overall health.

Sally is among the most talented and accomplished CranioSacral Therapists. Her results are outstanding and speak for her abilities. She is a Technique and Diplomat-Certified CranioSacral Therapist, earning the highest level of CST training at the renowned Upledger Institute in Florida.

CranioSacral Therapists are trained to identify different characteristics within the craniosacral system and note fluid changes in rhythm, rate, amplitude, and quality. Restrictions detected can be felt within the connective tissues in the body. A gentle pressure working with the tissues over these areas — about the weight of a nickel — can bring about lasting changes, improving overall function of the central nervous system and yielding positive results with no negative side effects.